The Race for Creative Talent is Getting Tougher

What does  a talent marketplace like fiverr have to do with your business? You have your own staff of professionals so no need to tap into a market of copywriters, critics and cartoonists at bargain rates. And you certainly don't have an interest in people willing to perform a 'gig' for $5.

But fiverr isn't about the direct value to your business,  it's about the implications for it. 

Every person in your organisation has a talent. A talent that probably goes beyond what you pay them an hourly rate for. With a bit of self-promotion those talents can now be sold in the marketplace. 

Feeling secure that you pay well in excess of the paltry $5 they can earn from a gig on fiverr? That first $5 is really just a foot in the door -  from there they can offer 'extras' that can soon add up to decent living. If they do good work, and earn a good reputation they can go beyond decent. 

And they don't have to deal with the commute, the politics, the rules and the dress code.

Employees have income choices they never had before. They have a new range of options.

Employers that get it, will respect and reward creativity. They'll offer flexibility. They'll support a work/life balance. They'll treat the employer/employee relationship as a win/win partnership.

Those that don't, will be scrambling to retain and attract people that are drawn to the marketplace.