Is the Creativity Funnel Stifling Innovation in your Workplace?

Are you hiring creative people and wondering why innovation still isn't happening?

 simplovate® The creativity funnel

There is nothing worse than being hired for your unique and exceptional talents only to found out you will have limited opportunity to exercise them. 

Innovation needs room to breathe. And it needs rewarded. Ensure you make the most of the creative people in your organisation:

  • Go easy on maximizing utilization and give employees time to think
  • Reward results not time spent in a seat
  • Challenging what others say (at every level) should be seen as positive - not insubordinate
  • Define the working parameters but don't be overly prescriptive about how things get done.

Many of these notions would be considered foreign in a traditional organisation. But critical to opening up the walls of the creativity funnel.