Innovators Talk Total Nonsense


Innovators say the craziest things. Things like: 

"We're not going to have any more status meetings."

"There are no more performance reviews."

"We want total transparency all the way up to the management suite."

"I don't want a raise, I want a cut of the success."

"Can we try a new way of doing this?"

Crazy stuff. They say things that obviously never came out in the job interview.

Good thing too because these are EXACTLY the statements you need people to be making. 

Despite all the talk about innovation the impression on the ground still seems to be that it's something that you weave into all of your other organizational bloat. Or an addendum to it. It's not.

It's starting fresh. Turning over rocks to find newer, better, faster ways of getting things done.

"Yes, we want to innovate. But don't question how we do things now."

So what that it took you 15 years to mature your delivery processes. Sunk cost. Gone. Never look back. Innovation is about breaking the back on how you accomplish things. Re-thinking it. Not altering ever so slightly the way you do things today. 

I can't count the number of times I've heard people say 'That wouldn't work here.', 'We don't do things that way.', 'Our culture wouldn't support that.' and on and on... 'We can't'. 'We can't'. 'We can't'. It's total nonsense. Of course you can. 

But it's risky. It's scary. Just like throwing out 3 bins of 8-track cassette tapes because they're absolutely no use. The old ways are no use. What worked well in the past won't get you to the future. 

Customers have rapidly changing expectations; employees have a new view on work; and your new competitors have figured out how to take the essence of what you do to blow right past - because they're not blinded by your rituals. 

Figure out what needs to be accomplished. Leverage all of the resources available to you today. Focus organizational brain power on a new and better way of accomplishing it. 

If you aspire to innovation encourage the people in your business to talk total nonsense. Starting tomorrow.

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