Don't let 'the way it is' blind you to the way it could be...

How many people have asked ‘why are things done like that?’ only to be told ‘that’s the way it is.’

Too many people just accept and comply. But an innovative world is one that constantly challenges 'the way it is'.

Why are we expected to be creative up to the age of five then conform once we hit school?

Why do parents sacrifice for their children to be taught in small groups, then ooze pride when they melt into a large corporation?

Why are the employees that face the customer usually rewarded the least?

Why do men have to wear a uniform to be professional and women don’t?

Why do you have to be certified to know something?

Why does a vacuum need a bag?

Why does a phone need a keyboard?

Challenge the way it is.

Innovators do it all the time.

If you believe the way it is, is the only way it can be you’re not innovating.

And nostalgia aside, the way it is often isn't that great.

It was most likely declared in another time, in a different context, for a different reason. Perhaps by a pragmatist rather than an innovator.

Adopting an innovative mindset may require effort if you've lived your life constrained by 'the way it is'. But that effort is well worth experiencing the possibilities of what could be.